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Poems and Short Stories

Poems & Short Stories

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  • My flash fiction

    ‘Bloody dry cleaners.’ ‘What’s the matter dear? Did they ruin your dress?’ ‘No, they ruined your new M&S cream sweater.’ ‘What, how? I didn’t realise that it needed cleaning.’ ‘That’s because you were so embarrassingly drunk at the party you didn’t notice spilling red wine over it.’ ‘You know what? The other day I was…

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  • The Wake (2021)

    Brenda and Jack had been the first to leave the funeral and their experience had left them feeling bewildered and sad. “That’s the first part of the day over with then,” remarked an unusually downcast Jack. “Hopefully the worse part,” Brenda replied, “as that was a dreadfully horrible experience.” “Yes, I never thought it would…

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  • Dying in Ecstasy (1983)

    Here comes a wasp Swiftly flying, Little girl running Screaming, crying. It lands in a jar Little girl sighing, A jar full of honey Wasp slowing dying, Dying in ecstasy! See the wasp life is so sweet, he’s got what he wants life is a treat. Yet he’s slowly dying but he doesn’t care for…

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  • I was there (1993)

    I was there when the wall came down (Berlin) I was there in the battle sound (Gaza) I was there in the blood stained square (China) I was there. I was there when peace was proclaimed (S. Africa) I was there when the army came (Somalia) I was there when the children bled (Ethiopia) When…

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  • My Haiku

    Japanese Haiku – 3 lines of 5:7:5 syllables. Shining silver orb Hanging in the midnight sky Illuminating Sweet sticky nectar Labour of a thousand bees In a jar for me! A teacher teaching The minds of pupils reaching Her ideas preaching.

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  • The Storm (1984)

    Wild and exciting Awesome, yet enticing Terrific beyond compare; Mighty the lightening The thunder is frightening Withstand! Who dare? Standing in wonder The wind in my hair; The clashing, the thunder The devastation everywhere. The mediocre, the average, the norm The dullness of the day Never to experience the Storm It’s not my way. Never…

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